Anisdontea julii

A few trail runs ago I came upon this little marshmallow pink treasure growing on our very own Mpati mountain.

Anisdontea is a pretty little indigenous shrub occurring throughout the country – allthough mainly in the fynbos biomes.  It flowers in Summer and into early Autumn.

The flowers are in shades of pink and occur in two’s and three’s in the leaf axils. The leaves are soft and slightly hairy . There are twenty one species of Anisdontea recorded.  I’m not sure of the exact species of this little beauty but it is definitely from the Anisdontea family.

Anisdontea makes an excellent flowering hedge and can be used towards the back of an informal border.  it is one of those indigenous plants that would work well in an ‘English country garden’ setting.

Iv’e only noticed it growing in two spots so far.  They are not listed as threatened however.

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