Barleria Obtusa ‘bush violet’

This attractive sprawling shrub is flowering beautifully in my garden right now.  It is found along forest margins throughout the country. There are about 50 species in South Africa. It is an excellent ground cover and in late Summer and Autumn becomes a mass of violet, blue and even pink dainty flowers.

Barleria is easily propagated from seeds, cuttings or layering. we have a pretty violet blue and a magenta pink species in the garden. The butterflies love them.

I decided to try something different and drew these onto a piece of masonite board which I first painted with 2 coats of acrylic paint.  I drew the outline of the composition lightly in pencil and then used water colour pencils to add a light wash of colour. Finally I used my gel ink pen – my favorite, to add the detail and shading. The plan is to use pallet planks for the framing – if that doesn’t happen I will have to have it framed. Now of course it needs a friend – perhaps Plumbago.

Here it is in progress – adding the pen detail.barleria progress

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