The grass Orchids of Summer

I have came across these bright yellow beauties growing in the veld on the mountain every summer. It was quite exciting to discover that they are actually grass orchids – ‘Orthochilus Ensatus’. I have since been looking out for grass orchids (terrestial orchids), every time I’m up on the mountain, or walking in the Berg. So far I have found 3 on Mpati mountain although I’m sure there are more to be discovered.

This one I came across on a berg hike in the Monks cowl area, it is ‘Satyrium cristatium’. The flowers are speckled and streaked in maroon and bronze.Orchid satyrium On our Mpati I have also found a pale pink and white ‘Satyrium Longicauda’ and a lime green and cream dainty grass orchid which I think belongs to the ‘Habenaria’ family. Drawing projects for next Summer! Unfortunately my photographs did not do them justice.

All our indigenous Orchids are protected by law and may not be dug out or picked for the vase, or the seeds removed. They are very specific to their own little micro climates and they seldom survive when dug out and tranfered to a cultivated garden anyway. So have fun finding them but take pictures only.

As I have been taking note of what I see growing on the mountain, I have realised what an abundance their is if one chooses to pay attention. With our hurried and harried pace we have become oblivious to the beauty around us.

Lynne twist writes “true abundance flows from enough, never more”. Take time to slow down and open your eyes to the abundance that we already have on our own doorsteps.

Fill yourselves up – there is more than enough.

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