Mountain Reedbuck and Blackjacks

Today was one of those days where I had to take a deep breath and do a ‘Mel Robbins 54321’ countdown just to get out of bed, never mind run.  I ended up going a little later than usual.  The glorious sunny day did the trick however and was just what the doctor ordered.  I was soon trotting along happily. Feeling adventurous I decided to try a path that I had not used for a while, knowing that it would probably be over grown and covered in black jacks. It was. Cursing myself for my foolish decision I made my way up the overgrown rocky path with difficulty. I had to stop often to find the path and to pick off the scratchy black jacks!

I was rewarded however, as I started to make my way down, by the sight of three female Mountain Reedbuck. It’s been a while since Iv’e spotted any and I was beginning to think they had all been poached or had cleared off. As I had been walking quietly at the time I luckily saw them before they spotted me. Once they realized they were not alone they whipped up their bambi tails and bounded up a hill to a safer spot where they stopped and stared at me. I thought I had hit the jack pot with a sighting like that but more treats were install for me.


These wild Impatiens, ‘Impatiens Hochsteteri’, are tumbling down a bank along a stream through a shady forested area of the trail. Iv’e seen them before but today they were flowering rather generously. They look like little mauve butterflies, delicate and dainty. They are found throughout the country in forests and marshy areas where ever it is damp – preferring to get their feet wet. They are not as flashy as their cultivated garden cousins, but they are beautiful in their quiet, serene way.

The birds are bountiful and busy on the mountain with all the good rain which has provided for all the flora and fauna so well this season. The final cherry on the top for me was the sighting of a pair of African fire finches chattering gregariously to each other near the end of my run.

fire finches


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