Petrichor – “the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil”

There is nothing more annoying than mud packing onto the bottom of your trail shoes. Eventually I was wearing muddy high heel wedges by the time my run ended. The reward however was the smell of the damp earth as I came back down through a forested section of the trail. I ennhaled big gulps of it.

The word ‘petrichor’ has Greek origins. “petra” for stone and “ichor” meaning the ‘ethereal blood of the gods’. Scientists have discovered that the scent is from a yellowish oil trapped in rocks and soil that get’s released when it rains.

In India they have managed to capture this scent in a sandalwood oil, they call it “matti ka attar”, or ‘earth perfume’.

I found my favorite birds – ‘Buff streaked Stone Chats’ near the top of the mountain. They are always happily hopping about and chattering and calling to one another on the rocks. Not even the cold could deter them today.

A chilly but invigorating run.

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