Polygala Virgata – ‘purple broom’

I decided to take a stroll along one of the trails this Saturday to photograph a shrub I have been eyeing out, ‘Polygala Virgata’.

This lovely indigenous dainty shrub is flowering beautifully on the mountain. It has a slender single base stem which branches out at the top. The deep purple magenta flowers are found at the end of it’s branches. It is fairly common and widespread.

Polygala is easy to grow in the garden and works well if planted in groups near the back of a mixed border. Once established it can tolerate some drought, wind and frost. It is easily propagated from seed in Autumn or Spring. Polygala  looks beautiful arranged in the vase, I picked a few branches for this and now they look stunning displayed in the dining room.

polygata shrub

While walking I came across this gorgeous chap. I watched him change color in a matter of seconds from bright green to tawny brown and ochre. Fortunately chameleons are by nature not in any great hurry so he sat quite obligingly while I took his photograph, all the while never taking his curious eyes off me.


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