Kalanchoe Luciae and Woodhoopoes

One of the many ‘joys’ of being in hospitality is that sometimes you get to run around at night trying to fix faulty televisions, air conditioners, wifi connections etc. etc. Last night was one of those nights and included an emergency trip to the 24 hour Spar at nine at night to buy bug spray for a guest who had two ants in her room. – This is why I run!

I set off with great enthusiasm to make my escape this morning and in my haste along my way tripped over a tree root. This resulted in one of those ‘albatross like’ moves where I was literally running horizontally, only to just avoid a ‘face plant’ by the skin of my teeth! Thankfully I was running alone so my ego was spared.

Things improved quickly after that though. Today the Red-billed Woodhoopoes were cackling in their characteristic way above me as I moved along through the trees. They are a  common sight with their bright red bills and long speckled tails. Their feathers are a lovely iridescent greenish blue.

Near the top of the mountain within a sunny rocky section are a no of interesting succulents. This one is of the ‘Kalanchoe’ family. I think ‘Kalanchoe Luciae’. They have sent up their stems and their buds are finally opening. Their many flowers are a primrose yellow. They are beautifully structural and this one was a joy to draw.


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