Ceratotheca triloba – ‘wild foxgloves’

This pretty indigenous annual flowers in Summer and through the Autumn months. It occurs in grasslands, although being opportunistic, they are often found growing along the roadside.

They range from white to pale mauve and then a darker mauve. The flowers are shaped like those of the English foxgloves but they are in no way related. They are actually part of the ‘sesame’ family. In the garden they can get quite tall with regular watering – 1.5 – 2 meters.

Ceratotheca is used medicinally to treat all sorts of tummy complaints and they are a favorite of carpenter and honey bees. They prefer a rich, well drained soil with plenty of water in the Summer months. They can tolerate a little shade.

I found these pale mauve beauties growing alongside the road near Washbank. I have also seen some dark pink flowering ones near Paulpietersberg. The seeds have been collected for sowing in the Spring – can’t wait.


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