Lost photographs and misty mornings

Being ‘digitally challenged’ I somehow managed to delete all my Aloe arborescens photographs from my phone – they were meant for my next Aloe drawing onto masonite board. I set off yesterday feeling irritated into the misty morning to take new ones – the Aloes are on my trail run route.

I did not stay irritated for long. From the outside mist can look cold and uninviting, once you are in it however everything takes on an ethereal ‘other worldliness’ which is quite beautiful. It has the ability to transform ordinary things into something magical.

Firstly you notice the spider webs – how lovely they look, as if they are highlighted in silver, and how many there are! Then you notice the varieties of grass. How they are lit up in their finest strings of dewy pearls and diamonds. You start to pay attention to the details.

dew drops grass

Even the blackjacks – which I hate, were not left out and took on a whole new look.


It was beautifully clear at the top of the mountain and I managed to get some good photographs of the Aloes once again. I have safely stored them onto my computer this time! I started the drawing and composition work yesterday. Hopefully I can finish it this week.



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