Golden light and Weeping Sage

I only managed to fit in a trail run later yesterday afternoon. As always it was worth the effort. There is something so beautiful about late afternoons in the veld. As the sun starts to dip and the shadows lengthen everything becomes bathed in a warm honeyed glow. This golden light is juxtaposed against the deep inky shadows and the result is quite magical.

I made my way back down the trail admiring this gorgeous effect. As I went through the forested section I got the distinct honeyed scent of something flowering along the path. I stopped to investigate. It was coming from the Buddleja Auriculata or ‘weeping sage’ bush – as it’s commonly known. These have just started flowering. There are two Buddleja species on Empati. The Buddleja auriculata and the Buddleja Salvifolia. The latter has grey sage like leaves while this one has a more glossy leaf and a weeping habit. It is found on forest margins and rocky slopes. All the Buddlejas are good for attracting butterflies and insects which in turn become food for our insectivorous birds.

I have recently planted both species in the garden. When I went to take a look at ours once home, I was pleased to see that it has also started flowering even though it is only a meter high at this stage. This shrub is both drought and frost resistant and it flowers through Winter into Spring which is a bonus.

No time for drawing it as I am still trying to get the Aloes finished! I did take a photograph of the flowers from our garden. You can see how glossy the leaves are – quite different from it’s cousin although the flowers are very similar.

buddleja garden


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