Spreadsheets and Gum trees

So right now I should be doing a spreadsheet. Especially as it is for an audit with the Labour department and it’s due on Friday. Yes, spreadsheets are important – and who doesn’t love spreadsheets. My creative right-brain just thrives on spreadsheets. So,to survive the dreaded spreadsheet – which will probably take hours, I had to go for a run up the mountain first for some much needed fortifying ‘Prozac’.

This morning was the coldest it has been so far this Winter and I made my way up the frosted path dressed like an Eskimo. My hands and feet stung in the icy cold. Halfway up the sun was peeping through though and felt glorious on my face as I continued resolutely with my escape. By the time I got to the top I had thawed out and needed to remove some  layers of clothing.

The spreadsheet will get done before Friday of course. On my run this morning however I saw a painting in some gum trees. I crushed one of the leaves and breathed in the sharp menthol scent and was taken instantly in a flash of memory back to my childhood. I found some Kudu spoor in the mud and I watched a ‘Greater collared’ sun bird flit through the aloe shrubs, stopping every now and then to feast on the nectar.

I came back down feeling alive and motivated again. Now for that spreadsheet!

yellow aloes

The Yellow ‘Aloe maculata’ are finally starting to flower.


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