Buddleja and De’je’ vu

I am so enjoying the Buddleja auriculata. It is flowering prolifically on the mountain and in my garden right now. The branches are weighted down with trusses of sweet honey scented ‘pom poms’.

I got to thinking about scents and how powerful they can be at evoking a mood or memory. A flash of de’je’ vu wherein one is instantly transported back in time.

For me it is the smell of jasmine in Spring. The sweet heady scent sweeps me back to a specific childhood memory. Playing hide and seek outside at night with my cousins. Running around feeling the freshly cut grass under my bare feet. The cheerful chirruping sound of crickets. The butterfly like rush of excitement and joy in my stomach.

It is that lovely carefree abandonment of reality which is the short lived gift of childhood.

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