‘Scabious columbaria’ and writing

When I started this blog I didn’t have a ‘set’ idea about what I would write about or where it would lead to. It very quickly found its own course however and turned naturally to the things that inspire me and give me joy.

Writing or journaling is a self-revelational exercise. It gets you to pay attention. Paired with reading it is one of the best way to to learn about yourself. It has also taught me to pay closer attention to my environment. Every time I step out for a run or simply just to walk on the mountain for some inspiration and ‘Prozac’, I am amazed by how much there is to see and learn about.

Even as we start heading into the bare bones of Winter where the veld is becoming bleached by the elements and the grass is turning powdery underfoot, there is always some treasure to find.

This week the sweet scabious – ‘Scabious columbaria’ has caught my attention. it has started to flower here and there along the path. This is a grassland perennial herb that flowers on and off through the year. There are lilac and white forms of it but so far I have only come across the white on the mountain. In medieval times the Scabious species was used to relieve the itching caused by scabies and skin sores.

Scabious columbaria is a hardy and pretty little plant that is both drought and cold resistant, adapting to most habitats. It self seeds easily if left undisturbed. Traditionally the roots and leaves were used to treat a number of ailments – from colic to sterility. The flowers are lovely cut for the vase as they are not only attractive but also long lasting.

I love it as it appears naturally in the veld, its petals remind me of coral. I love the way it has started flowering despite the elements – a tough and beautiful little plant.

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