The poet Micheal Langley wrote that if poetry could be music it would choose to be birdsong.

My first birdsong encounter of the day is the cheerful conversation of the Robin outside my kitchen door early in the morning. I love listening to the melodious chatter as I bake muffins for the guests and get the day started. We have quite a few Robins in the garden and they love eating the cat food.  They must find it irresistibly delicious as they will risk life and limb with the chance encounter of any one of eight Penryn kitties by coming inside the kitchen to find it!

Along the trail the birdsong really stands out – probably because of the stillness and peace that envelops the mountain. As you make your way up the path you move very quickly away from the hustle and bustle and into another world. A peaceful haven where the only sounds are the bird calls and the whisper of the breeze. Only very windy days are unpleasant and have a depressing mournful feel about them.

My favorite birds are the Buff streaked chats and of course the sun birds. There are many different sun birds on the mountain. They are dainty and quick – flitting here and there among the nectar rich plants. The ‘Lions ears’ and Aloes have provided a banquet this Winter for many of the nectar feeding birds.

My all time favorite sighting has been of a Malachite sun bird. This is one of the bigger sun birds in South Africa. It is, as its name – a beautiful jewel green. Its iridescent shiny green plumage  a perfect compliment to the many shades of orange on the mountain during Winter.

malachite sun bird


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