Braving the Brahman

I was looking forward to my trot up the mountain today. I relished the thought of an hour or so spent in my favorite environment, alone with my thoughts and creative daydreams.

It soon became apparent however that today’s run would be spent dodging the Brahman cattle that graze on the mountain. Usually they are restricted to certain areas but today it was ‘Brahman central’ wherever I turned.

Trail running requires a certain level of bravery. There are the occasional encounters with snakes and various other critters. Of all the ‘beasts of the field’ however, the cattle are the true test of my courage – I was not raised on a farm swinging my whip!

I am of course much braver when tucked behind a running friend or two. When I am on my own, as I often am, I will go to great lengths to avoid meeting them face to face.

Today was a ‘zigzaggy bundu bash’ of note, through blackjacks, brambles and fences. This may seem a bit extreme, but let me tell you it is not funny being chased by one or more of these bovine beasts. It is terrifying.

Being chased while with friends, although scary at the time, is hilariously funny afterwards as you shriek and giggle at your narrow escape. Being chased on your own is just plain terrifying!

There is one dame in particular who has earned the title of ‘Cruella de Ville’. She has one crooked horn and glares at you with an evil glint in her eye. We avoid her at all costs as she seems to be afflicted with a chemical imbalance, and one never knows if she is going to jump out of the bushes and charge, or just stare malevolently at us as we go by.

Then there are the ‘buttercup cows’, docile and sweet with their big brown eyes which stare myopically at you as they methodically chew their cuds. The calves are delightful, especially when playfully gamboling on shaky new born legs. They are inquisitive and innocent.

Of course this all makes for adventurous moments and memories – which is what trail running is all about.


One thought on “Braving the Brahman

  1. I missed this one before – you might have read about what I call the Urban Herd in our town and will realise that I can easily empathise with your situation on this run as I have had to dodge a fair number of enormous bulls and cows that stand their ground on the pavements or verges when I am walking!


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