A splash of red

I have been closely watching the Greyia Sutherlandii or ‘Natal bottlebrush’ as they are also known for a while now on my mountain excursions, waiting patiently for them to start flowering. I was quite delighted to find this little tree tucked away against the side of the mountain, showing off a gorgeous splash of red, one of the first of this species to flower.

Greyia Sutherlandii is endemic to South Africa and is one of the first trees/shrubs to start flowering in Spring or late Winter. It is a deciduous plant and in Autumn its leaves turn many shades of red. The showy bright fire engine red flowers provide a long display and continue into early Summer.

The Natal bottlebrush is a good addition to a small garden as it is not only pretty but also a food source for many insects and birds. Some of these small trees on the side of the mountain must be ancient. Their stems and trunks are twisted and gnarled. They will soon all be ablaze of colour. Something to look forward to!

Natal bottlebrush shrub

4 thoughts on “A splash of red

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