Windy days and ‘Fiscal flycatchers’

Some days the wind when strong can be mournful and unpleasant on the mountain. Not on Friday. As I made my way up and out of the forest the wind appeared out of no where as it sometimes does. I enjoyed its refreshing company.

The sound as it moved through the grass was a constant swooshing, I enjoyed it in the same way a baby is soothed and comforted by white noise. I needed to feel it go right through me, sweeping away the cobwebs that had hung themselves up on my week.

There are so many varieties of birds on the mountain and I am trying to learn about as many as I can. Not an easy task as I would need to run with binoculars ideally and spend much more time up there – which I don’t have.

I poured through my trusty ‘Roberts book of birds’ to id this little chap.  At first I thought he was a Fiscal Shrike, but no, this is a slimmer bird – about the size of a Robin. He does not have as long a tail as the Fiscal shrike either, his tail is rounded and shorter. Apparently quite a common South African bird. At least now I can put a name to him.


One thought on “Windy days and ‘Fiscal flycatchers’

  1. They are confusing at first – best identified from behind, although the beak is a giveaway too. Love the expressions you use, such as “sweeping away the cobwebs that had hung themselves up on my week.”


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