Chilly days and ‘Halleria Lucida’

This morning I stepped outside into the chilly air and I almost stepped back in again. It had started to rain lightly and the sky was gloomy and grey. I wrestled with the temptation to go back inside, but instead took a deep breath, and headed out for my midweek mountain run. I have found that if I overthink the decision to go for a run – I can easily talk myself out of it. Best to shut off the brain chatter and just go.

A little bit of rain had fallen onto the path and I found myself mesmerized by the patterns of the splashes the drops had made – like a sprinkling of polka dots in the powdery dust. The overcast cloudy sky had a way of blanketing everything in a lovely peaceful silence. Even the birds were a little quieter this morning. I enjoyed my run despite the cold.

There are a number of ‘Halleria Lucida’ shrubs or small trees growing on the mountain. These have been flowering on and off, even through the Winter. Because they are evergreen, you have to look closely for the pretty orange or sometimes yellow trumpet like flowers. The sun birds feast on them.

This shrub I photographed had lots of flowers hidden in the greenery and some bright green berries which will go almost black when ripe, more for the birds! Sometimes flowers will form directly on the main stem as well as the branches. Traditionally the Zulus used the ‘Halleria’ to treat skin and ear complaints.

One thought on “Chilly days and ‘Halleria Lucida’

  1. These feature among my favourite trees – first met while we were living in KZN – and have delighted seeing them ever since. I would love to have one growing in my garden.


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