Late afternoon runs and Orchids in the grass

After an extremely busy week I finally managed to get out for a trail run late this afternoon. As I made my way up the muddy path I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy to be out there, doing what I love in my favorite environment. If the path was not so full of cow pats I might have gone down on my knees and kissed it!

A lovely trot up the mountain was just what I needed to escape the bustle and busyness of the last few days. A blissfully quiet and peaceful reprieve with the only interruption being bird song and the whispering breeze.

On the way back down I almost over looked this little beauty peeping through the dry grass. The first,rather early, Spring flowering grass Orchid – ‘Eulophia Hians’. There are more than 200 species of Eulophia Orchids, most of these are grass orchids spread through the Eastern parts of South Africa. They need summer rain and are usually Spring flowering. Although this little Orchid is not threatened, all indigenous Orchids are protected by law, so take pics only. I cannot wait to see what other wild grass flowers are in store this Spring.

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