A stroll for the soul

My intention this morning was to go for my usual Friday morning trail trot. Once out there however I found that my legs were heavy and my thoughts even heavier. I felt weary and uninspired, the by – product of an exceptionally busy few weeks and the ups and downs of life. So I took my tired body and my weary thoughts for a stroll in the veld instead.

The burnt black has been replaced by a lovely carpet of fresh green, and there are wild flowers popping up everywhere. I am always on the look out for grass orchids during my mountain excursions. They are generally uncommon and not so easy to find, many of them rare and threatened. It can be quite exciting to find these elusive beauties – ‘orchid fever’ is real!

My reward today was the discovery of this gorgeous buttery yellow grass orchid growing all on its own in the veld, there were no others of its kind to be found. This seems to be a ‘Eulophia inaequalis’. My photographs do not do it any justice as my phone camera also seemed to be out of sorts today and would not focus. I have posted a photograph from the internet, courtesy of Duncan Mac Fairlane.



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