Acacia trees and forks in the road

The writer and artist Austin Kleon describes how he uses “one project to light the next one”. Sometimes stalling and floundering for new inspiration can leave one feeling stuck and anxious about what to do next. This for me can lead to weeks or even months of artistic procrastination  – not a good place to be. I have learnt that it is best to keep the ball rolling and the momentum going by feeding off what you have been doing and seeing where that leads. If it  leads you to a fork in the road, take it.

A few weeks ago I had a request for a bag with an Acacia tree screen printed onto it. As much as I love trees I had never really spent time drawing them so was a little daunted at first. Needless to say I loved doing the drawing. The effect of it screen printed onto the Shwe shwe fabric was lovely and all the bags sold quite quickly, I was sorry I hadn’t had more printed.

This project however led to someone commissioning me to do a painting with an Acacia tree in it. It was such a joy to use my oils again – albeit with some intrepidation and ‘rustiness’ – I am happy with the result but more importantly the client is thrilled.

“Artists work because it’s a chain reaction, each subject leads to the next” Charles Eames.

Now onto the next…



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