Penryn ‘Kitty’ Hotel

The first Penryn kitty to move in was an adorable friendly tabby kitten found by Paige in the garden. He was completely on his own, hiding in the ivy growing around the Jacaranda trees. Paige named him Solo, as he was indeed ‘solo’ when he was found. He would not be ‘solo’ for long!

To this day I often wonder how he even got there. Was he perhaps placed in the garden – as a test by the the other homeless hopefuls? Perhaps word on the street was that a newly single distraught looking woman had moved into the neighborhood, and she had ‘crazy cat lady’ potential written allover her forehead – only of course she didn’t know it yet. Were the other strays perhaps waiting behind the scenes, one can almost imagine them saying “send in the kitten”!

And, so, that was first of many cats and kittens that have come and gone through the gates of Penryn and into our hearts. Some have been lost to illness or to unfortunate accidents on the busy road outside of the guest house, and some have stayed, living out their nine lives. All of them have added to our joy and amusement and have been part of our family.

Of course each and every cat we have ever had certainly deserves a chapter, but that would be allot of writing, and chapters and chapters about cats may just seal my fate as ‘crazy cat lady’! I have decided to just do a few – for now. Some of these kitties have passed on sadly.

Blacky Jack

‘Dartanian’ aka. Blacky Jack, is a very handsome and neat tuxedo clad black and white stray that moved in a few years ago. He is a cat sporting many talents and interests. These range from yodeling, an eerie caterwauling sound reserved for special occasions – to an intense interest in motor cars, or anything with wheels for that matter. No sooner do you have your car door open, and in hops Blacky Jack. I am surprised that he has not gone off with one of the guests yet. He is also the self appointed car guard, and can usually be found sunning himself in the car park or lounging on top of a car bonnet.

Poppet was donated as a tiny mewling three day old and had to be bottle fed. A leggy brown tabby who has never forgiven me for extending the menagerie. At one one time preferring to live on the roof for almost a year because she despised a particular new addition. Only when the poor ‘new addition’ succumbed to illness a year later did Poppet grace us with her presence again. Cats have an amazing ability to spite one another – it has to be seen to be believed!

Miss Muppet – the vanilla princess

Muppet the ‘vanilla princess’ was found by my staff in the township. Also only about three days old and needing a bottle and ‘new born’ care. The prettiest creamy blue eyed cat with cinnamon ears and tail. She was quite a character and really crept into my heart. I was devastated when she went missing about a year ago.

Meow cat, aka. Mouses, was spotted living in a tree outside our kitchen door. He would come down at night to eat when no one was around. Slowly we gained his confidence and once he had a taste of being stroked and loved he was hooked! A big handsome solid cat – like a giant plush toy, with a wonderful personality. He oozed love and cuddles, looking for any opportunity to get as close as possible to you. He would work his charm on the guests too, shmoozing his way into their rooms, adoring the attention. Not only was Meow cat a big hit with the guests, he was also popular with the other strays. A sort of kitty ‘God father’, deciding who could stay and who could not. Sadly Meow cat had to be put down recently because of feline leukemia. To say that we were heart broken would be an understatement.

Meow cat

Noodle is the latest addition. Another donation. How could we possibly say no to this cutie pie. The tiniest little scrap of a kitten, her fur looks as if it has been knitted in multi color wool. She is grey ginger and white, her beautiful green eyes fringed with pale ginger lashes. She has a foot fetish, and being small enough will happily curl up on whom ever’s foot happens to be near by.

Fortunately the grounds and house are big and spacious with plenty of trees for our collection of cats to enjoy. Sitting out on the veranda in the early evenings and watching their antics and fun and games has provided much laughter and entertainment for us and the guests. Life would not be the same without our feline family.


5 thoughts on “Penryn ‘Kitty’ Hotel

  1. Beautiful cats (though of course they are all beautiful). I am truly sorry for the losses and heartbreak, but in the bigger scheme there is nothing quite so comforting and rewarding as the trust and affection of a feline family. We have adopted or fostered many homeless cats in our time, and each one still has a special place in my heart. Currently, we have three precious cats of different ages – all three were found at different times, apparently abandoned when tiny and their eyes were still closed and we went on to bottle rear them, which creates an incredible bond. Lovely to know that you have rescued so many cats in need.


      1. Yes the lives of feral cats can be hard. It is amazing how they respond to being given a home, even when wild at first. All our cats have been rescued and it is hard not to adopt more! I used to work with feral cats where I worked, catching them for sterilization and returning them in the context of a feeding scheme to keep them healthy. It was worthwhile but heartbreaking too. I really admire people working with and/or rescuing animals of all kinds.


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