A path of curiosity

“If you can let go of passion and follow your curiosity, your curiosity just might lead you to your passion” Elizabeth Gilbert

I once thought that to be labelled as an ‘artist’ – that grand title that aspires to so many, one had to fit a very stereotypical ideal. My idea of what that ideal looked like was a rather romanticized one. I remember in the height of my amateurish enthusiasm, (and I was told this by more than one ‘arty’ person) that to start selling your work it was important to develop a ‘style’. My own artistic style so that I could be noticed, and so on and so on.

Well that never happened. I am one of those people who could never keep a consistent hand writing never mind artistic style, I did not fit into this category. I have jumped around exploring and enjoying all sorts of mediums and subject matters – from pastel, portraiture, drawing in pen, painting – even fabric craft.

Weaver on a Mason jar

Personally I think that this has been a better way to learn. Gleaning from each ‘phase’ what I could, keeping somethings and leaving or changing others. Certain things have come through consistently – my love of botanical as well as landscape art, probably because they feature so strongly in my personal life. There is nothing I enjoy more then traipsing around mountains discovering indigenous plants to identify.

painting onto cut wine bottles

My latest artistic adventure started with a rather fun wine bottle cutting hobby to make candle holders and vases. It wasn’t long before I was painting onto these and learning to work in acrylic paint again. This has led to sourcing glass ware from second hand shops to paint my botanical art onto – and so the learning and adventure continues.

Gebera hybrid worked well with the shape of this little vase

Painting onto the glass is challenging as the smoothness and transparency make it difficult. The end result once accomplished is so worth the extra layers and time taken. So for now I have found my niche! I may stay here a while or down the line this may lead to something else again, another artistic adventure perhaps.

Female malachite sun bird on a Protea

What I am learning through all of this is that in art and in life nothing is wasted. Everything can be ‘re framed’ and changing ones mind is also perfectly okay. It is important to stay curious though, for who who knows, that may just lead you to your passion.

These two cake domes were perfect for these dusty pink Proteas

8 thoughts on “A path of curiosity

    1. Hi! Thank you. Acrylic although tough can scrub off the glass so just a gentle rinse or dust rather.These would be more for decorative display. They can be varnished with a polyurathane clear spray varnish which would also help. I have also read that baking them in a hot oven makes the paint harder, I have yet to try it though. Glad you enjoyed.

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  1. I love your bird paintings!!!! You are making good use of the glass ware that others may no longer have wanted – and others doubtless will now that you have decorated them so beautifully! Are these destined for a sale? If so, I hope they will sell well.


    1. Thank you Eliza, Proteas are a joy to paint, I am glad you enjoyed…Yes the glass although difficult does give a nice finish and I quite like the transparency in the back round of the painted subject.


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