Mpati Mountain and her ‘Painted ladies’

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia or ‘painted lady’ as she is commonly called is a striking and attractive succulent plant – preferring to grow between the rocky slopes of the mountain and surrounding grasslands. This succulent is quite widespread throughout Southern Africa and is also found in Swaziland and Lesotho.

The attractive paddle shaped leaves

The grey green paddle shaped leaves tinged in red are attractive enough on their own. However in Autumn this plant sends up its elongated flowering stalks bearing grey white buds opening into clusters of yellow flowers. These are coated with a white powder – hense the name ‘painted lady’.

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia can withstand extreme temperatures. It is thought that the white powdery coating is a form of protection from extreme heat – In much the same way that it is better to wear a light or white coloured T shirt on a hot day and not a dark one.

Elongated stems with their white powdery coated buds ready to open soon. The seed pod from last year still standing.

The ‘painted lady’ flowers long into Winter and is a good source of pollen for many insects and butterflies. According to butterfly expert and author of ‘Butterflies of Southern Africa’ – Steve Woodall, the lava of the ‘pale hairtail’ butterfly, Anthene livida, feed on the flowers of this particular Kalanchoe.

Anthene Lavida or pale hairtail

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia grows well in cultivation, although it is not as commonly grown or known as its cousin Kalanchoe luciea, a similar plant. I decided to paint this lovely succulent in a landscape setting alongside another old time mountain resident – the Buff streaked chat. These handsome birds are a common sight on the mountain and surrounds. They are quite vocal and always a pleasure to come across as they perch conspicuously on top of the large rocks calling and chatting cheerfully to one another.

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia and buff streaked chat in a landscape setting – Acrylic and oils onto canvas board

8 thoughts on “Mpati Mountain and her ‘Painted ladies’

  1. Your photographs are magnificent and your painting a bonus! The Buff-streaked Chat is a wonderful addition to the picture. Thank you for sharing this bounty!


  2. First off, Bravo! on a beautiful piece of art!!!

    I am always fascinated by this, or a similar-looking, plant when we visit the Drakensberg – it boggles my mind that a succulent, with all that water in its fleshy leaves, can withstand the frighteningly cold winters at that altitude!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much it was a nice change to work in oils too! It is quite a survivor – our Winters drop to below zero often. There must be some scientific explanation to that I’m sure – Nature is truly miraculous.

      Liked by 1 person

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