A happy find

On one of my weekend mountain explores recently I stumbled upon a bulb lying in the Winter grass. I picked it up for closer inspection. The soil seemed to be mostly cleaned off and the bulb itself was intact. A few dried leaves and scaly sheaths were still clinging to it.

A puzzle. I do not think that an animal would have have done that, it would have surely eaten it, not just dug it up for no reason – only humans would do a stupid thing like that. I can only come to the conclusion that it was harvested either for ‘muti’ or poached for horticultural reasons and then dropped accidentally. Lucky for me – and lucky for the orphaned bulb! Naturally I decided to rescue it.

This duo was done in pastel and sold

I put a photograph of my rescued bulb onto the rather clever indigenous facebook plant group and was delighted to have it identified as a Crinum moorei bulb. I also received helpful and concise instructions from same clever face book group on how to go about planting and caring for my newly adopted bulb.

First and foremost this wondrous package of potential beauty would have to be drawn before any planting could happen. How could one not want to capture all those lovely textures and layers. It is just such an incredible thought that this scaly onion like sphere has all the potential locked inside to produce the most graceful and lovely of flowering plants. Another one of natures many miracles.

Crinum moorei in oils

I decided on another favorite medium – gel ink pen. This type of pen glides smoothly over the paper and allows one to really get into the shadows. I have painted the flowers of this lovely Lilly before and also drawn a set in pastel. The pastel duo I sold and the happy recipient kindly sent me a photograph of them framed and on the wall. The soft colors making for a lovely addition to a bedroom. I shall have to paint my new Crinum moorei however when she finally flowers one day.

And her partner – hanging happily in the guest house

8 thoughts on “A happy find

  1. What a lucky find and I love the detail in your drawing of the bulb. I hope it thrives and goes on to produce flowers before too long. I really like your pastels and oils of the flowers. It is such a lovely plant when in flower. We have a C. moorei near the pond in our garden and it flowers each year in early summer. I am very fond of it. On two different occasions a pale tree frog spent some time hanging out on a petal in one of the flowers. That was very special.


  2. A happy find indeed – and a fortunate bulb to have been found by someone like you too! Your drawing of it is certainly worthy of framing and I look forward to a painting of its flower(s) on arrival. It should thrive and bring great joy.

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