Changing gears

As I made my way up the first steep section of my run this morning, I found myself slowing down and shifting into ‘granny gear’ – something I have to do more and more often these days as I inch my way slowly and steadily to the top.

I’m calling this new found gait the ‘menopausal shuffle ‘ Actually it suites me just fine. It was so slow this morning that I looked down and saw Patches walking next to me, with a ‘seriously mom’ expression on her face, I swear she was rolling her eyes.

Menopausal shuffle and all it was still a lovely run. It made me think about how my understanding of ‘time’ has changed as I’ve got older. How a younger me would have been so impatient, rushing to get to the end of the run. Chasing personal bests. Rushing to plant a garden, decorating the house – rushing to finish a painting in a sitting.

Personal bests have been replaced with slow and steady, sustainable and regular trots with Miss Patches. Snazzy running gear has been replaced with a comfy T shirt and some rather well used and suspect looking dirty running shoes with a hole in the left big toe area.

Working out suddenly for an entire week won’t make you fit, just as brushing your teeth once off for 2 hours won’t prevent tooth decay. It is the daily or near daily ‘deposits’ made over time that build up to something meaningful and lasting.

Life, running, art, relationships, parenting- its all the same. The long game wins.

Besides if I didn’t go regularly for my runs at my tortoise trotting pace I might miss out on the beautiful scenery and treasures to find. Like the gorgeous cherry trees Patch and I discovered today. They weren’t just begging for us to stop and admire them, they were practically flagging us down! We obliged. We oohd and aahd and many pics were taken. I may use them in a painting soon.

Happy Friday everyone.

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