The Cape Robin Chat

Cape robin chat in the Cherry tree. Acrylic onto board 13x23cm

“Song filled, perky, shy, yet curious” is how SANBI aptly describes this well loved South African bird. How could one not but love this pretty and cheerful little chap.

The Cape robin chat is well adapted to living with humans and is a regular visitor to our bird feeder. He waits patiently every morning for his breakfast of tiny chopped up pieces of cheddar which he is utterly addicted too.

I was intrigued to learn that they are more closely related to fly catchers than to true robins.

Not only are they accomplished song birds, announcing the new day as early as four am here in our Hilton garden , Cape robin chats are also talented mimics, often imitating all their avian neighbors, apparently even car hooters!

This Robin will be part of a series im busy with. Cape robin chat on a Cherry tree, and Heuglins Robin on a fence with true blue plumbago. Look out for Coffee mugs, coasters, aprons and cheese boards. Perhaps placemats..The coffee mugs and coasters are going to be printed next week in time for Christmas markets.

Progress of the painting..

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