A busy bustling week..

Not much time for a well thought out blog post this week as tomorrow is my first Christmas market entry. So excited, so nervous, so busy!I thought I’d share the highlights of my week.

Patch and I have been going for earlier trots to give me more painting time and miss the heat of the hotter days. A new route was explored.

Lovely new path through the trees

Today we also found a gorgeous wild red hot poker (Kniphofia) softer and more delicate than the garden varieties.

Some Pentinizia..so happy to find it growing here too as I loved seeing it on the mountain.


I loved the structure and curls in this little patch of grass.

Hugh and I went for a lovely long walk one evening and we spotted an ‘African dog rose shrub growing on someones verge. This is a beautiful indigenous shrub with gardenia like flowers. I have planted a baby one outside my studio window, hopefully to be used in a painting one day.

Xylotheca kraussiana, African dog rose
My baby African dog rose shrub

The Paperbark thorn tree that i thought I’d killed by transplanting it earlier this Winter surprised and delighted me with soft green shoots.

The birds have been busy doing their busy bird things. The highlight one morning for me was spotting a Burchells coucal clambering clumsilly through the bottle brush.

Burchell’s Coucal, pic is from the internet as I didnot have my camera or phone handy.

Painting wise I’ve had lots of cake dome orders. Everyone wants Proteas. Which is lovely of course but I’m begining to get a little ‘protead out’. My solution has been to paint different types of Proteas for each one.

I have managed to find…after much frustration and wasted trips, a reliable printing company for sublimating my coffee mugs. We are trying coasters and cutting boards too. These will be available for markets and to order. Im picking up the first order later, can’t wait! I decided on a Robin theme. The Heuglins and the Cape robin chat are the models for this year.

Mugs, coasters and cutting board design. Cape robin chat.
Heuglins Robin designs

Happy Friday everyone 😊


18 thoughts on “A busy bustling week..

  1. And wishes for a successful market and future sales for you. How fulfilling to be able to create practical items of such beauty. We have heard a Burchell’s Coucal in our garden only once so far – I think it left in embarrassment for it brought no rain with it!

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    1. Thank you somuch Anne! The market was a bit quiet and not quite the ‘fit’ for my products. I did get a fantastic response from Facebook though and managed to sell all my stock and more! The power of social media is quite something. I didn’t realize the Burchell’s Coucal is also a rain bird, so lovely 😍


  2. Your new route was most productive. I love the African dog rose – I hope your baby one thrives! Which Christmas market do you have a stall at? The Heuglins robin (with plumbago?) design is lovely. I hope the market went well.

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    1. We are quite spoilt here in Hilton for trails and paths to explore. Im really enjoying that about my new town. I was at the vegan market in Dbn North but it wasn’t very successful. Not a great turnout of people and I think perhaps not the right fit for my products. Im going to do the ‘Posh’ market in Hilton on the 18th. I did get amazing sales on my Facebook platform – the power of social media!

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      1. Hi Carol, too bad about the vegan market but a learning experience. Good luck at the Hilton market. We will be away so will miss it. Btw we live just down the hill from you and Hilton is our go to place for shopping etc. It is great that FB is a good outlet for you. With best wishes.

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      2. That would be great! We are getting organized to go to Kruger on Monday for two weeks and we are really behind with getting things together so I will only be able to do that after we return at the end of the month. I will get in touch in early December. I think you have a contact number on your FB page?
        Looking forward to meeting you πŸ™‚

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