Misty mornings and a Malachite sunbird

A soggy start to the week whist good for the garden, made me feel as though I was living in a literal cloud. Not to want to sound ungrateful as one should always be thankful for rain, I do miss the ‘olden days’ of hot Summer days topped off with glorious afternoon thunder storms. Our garden however has progressed amazingly thanks to these misty foggy rainy Hilton days.

The Nyoni pavement garden sign which was such a happy painting project

The ‘Nyoni’ pavement garden finally has some plants. Being a sunny spot and thus drier on our verge, we have opted for some Aloes, a gorgeous magenta vygie ground cover, and a much cherished ‘Pin cushion’ protea. (Which cost an arm and a leg!) I’ve planted another one in the rockery we’ve created against the fence line. The sunbirds will be very happy for the new additions.

Our very newly planted Nyoni pavement garden

When I arrived in Hilton a year ago, Hugh and I had a vision for an exclusively indigenous garden. Our garden however allready had some well established exotic trees and shrubs. We decided instead to clear out the invasive species and add indigenous plants to compliment the setting.

The Australian bottle brush which I originally wanted to remove is a major attraction for all the birds in the neighborhood. This is where it’s happening, this is the spot to be seen in Panorama road! Every morning this popular hangout comes alive with a flurry of avian activity and a cacophony of chirping, calling and whistling. Yesterday morning I spotted a Malachite sunbird for the first time in our garden, enjoying these nectar rich flowers. As this sunbird is my favorite, I consider this sighting a lucky omen. I plan to add our indigenous bottlebrush to the garden soon.

Malachite sunbird, not my photograph though. Hopefully my pincushions will be as gorgeous as this one!

Hugh and I had a lovely walk along the Umgeni river earlier this week where we came accross a beautiful little grassland Gladioli. ‘Gladioli papillo’ – Papillo is the French word for ‘butterfly’. This is exactly what it reminds one of, a delicate and fragile pastel colored butterfly.

Gladioli papillo

Patch and I enjoyed some vitamin D finally on Wednesday and again this morning as we enjoyed our trail and village trot. The ‘Piet my vrou’ (red-chested cuckoo) seemed to be following us as we enjoyed his iconic and familiar call through the tree tops as we made our way.

Patch in her happy place, enjoying a sunny trail run
Red-chested cuckoo (Piet my vrou)

On the art front, every time I think I have finished with the cake dome orders I get another! Which is a good thing of course and I am happy for commissions, but I need to start building stock for the Hilton ‘Posh’ market on the 18th of December! I also need to complete an order for 10 Nyoni aprons. All in all this means I should probably be working and not writing. Time to get going and get my A into G… Have a happy weekend everyone 😊

Painted cake domes are ‘hot’ right now! Loved doing this one, Orange chested sunbird and ‘Protea nerifoliias’
Nyoni apron pockets printed

4 thoughts on “Misty mornings and a Malachite sunbird

  1. Hilton must be a lovely place to live, although I recall it is right in the mist belt. We had an Australian bottlebrush in our Eastern Cape garden too, which eventually succumbed to the drought. I planted Dais cotinifolia next to it, which had grown up by the time the bottlebrush died. You sound very busy indeed – a ‘good’ kind of busy though, so my good wishes for the next market!


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