Procrastination and Pigeons

African green pigeon and Ficus sur

I consider myself fairly disciplined at putting in the hours for my craft. Yesterday however was a day for procrastinating. I squirmed and squiggled and dawdled and diddled. I wasted time on facebook. I jumped up to make coffee, I jumped up to make a snack, more coffee, more snacks… Eventually after a few begrudging pep talks I inserted my antsy rear into my seat and started working. I only needed three hours to finish my African green pigeon. I sighed, settled myself down and did the work.

I was reminded of something I learnt earlier this week whilst listening to a podcast. “first actions, then thoughts, and then feelings..”. Actions determine the trajectory of ones work, day, life…not the feelings. Not that feelings should be disregarded in any way of course. Many times the feelings are changed and shaped by the actions….mmm, easier said then done, however true. In this case it was certainly true. My negativity/laziness was completely turned around by just buckling down and doing the work. My ‘feeling’ towards my work and months long bird painting project was restored to pride and enthusiasm once again – after appreciating the result of my efforts.

The results of this weeks work – Mr. African Green Pigeon, or Mrs. , I’m not really sure! I have been wanting to paint the African Green pigeon for some time now but have been looking for a suitable ‘prop’ to accompany this gorgeous pigeon. How convenient to find a Ficus sur (wild Natal Fig tree) growing happily on someone’s verge whilst on a walk last weekend.

Living in my new town is like living in a botanical garden. Such lovely trees and shrubs generously planted by gardeners for me to photograph on my walks and runs through the town. It really is so inspiring.

My association of doves and pigeons has always been that they have lovely soothing rhythmic calls. Who can resist the cooing of a laughing dove. Not so the Green pigeon. His call is rather sporadic and changes often, sometimes sounding like a dog barking. What he lacks in ‘crooning’ ability he makes up for in looks. This is a beautiful bird, sage green feathers with highlights of powder blue and plum. He even sports shaggy bright yellow pantaloons and coral red lipstick! He is also a connoisseur of sticky sweet ripe figs, hence the Ficus I have used in the painting.

Calendar bird no three for 2023 done and dusted!


8 thoughts on “Procrastination and Pigeons

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your 2022 calendar, Carol! How lovely that you are featuring the African Pigeon in next year’s one. We regularly have these beautiful birds (not that you can always see them!) in our garden, especially during the fig fruiting season, when over thirty of them fly into the air at the sound of a back-firing truck passing by. They mostly frequent the tall (and now very broad) Natal fig (Ficus natalensis) in our garden. We would occasionally see them in the much smaller Ficus sur (Cape fig) in the neighbouring garden. The latter has, sadly, been removed by the current owners of the property.

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    1. Thank you Anne!I’m so happy that you are enjoying the calendar. It must be lovely to have so many of these Green pigeons in your garden, what a treat. I think I may have confused the Fig tree and it may be a Cape fig and not a Natal fig🙈


      1. Most likely a Natal fig in our neighbourhoods, methinks! I meant to say that your comments about actions leading to feelings rather than the other way around as we often like to think, were interesting and a useful reminder to ‘just do it’!


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