Synchronicity and cake domes

Synchronicity - "The occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause " I have a much treasured and beautifully crafted solid glass cake dome or 'kloche' as its correctly called. Much treasured by me for its pleasing aesthetics, but also (my family would argue only) because come the weekend, birthdays, special occasions or … Continue reading Synchronicity and cake domes

Of months and birds

Nine months ago I started a painting project - admittedly a rather ambitious one. Nine months ago I also started a new life. I knew that this change would come with the normal stress and upheaval that can naturally only be expected from such a decision. I gave up hospitality for good, leaving the guest … Continue reading Of months and birds

Our Grasslands – So much more than meets the eye

“There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story” Linda Hogan Our South African grasslands cover one third of the country, providing an extensive range of biodiversity. Dundee and surrounding Northern Kzn fall into one of … Continue reading Our Grasslands – So much more than meets the eye

Be a curator

When talking about the creative process the term 'inspiration' inevitably comes up. The general definition of the word is that of an impulsive urge that can be triggered quite suddenly out of the blue. An unconscious burst of creativity in ones artistic endeavors. That is all well and good but anyone who does creative work … Continue reading Be a curator

Mpati Mountain and her ‘Painted ladies’

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia or 'painted lady' as she is commonly called is a striking and attractive succulent plant - preferring to grow between the rocky slopes of the mountain and surrounding grasslands. This succulent is quite widespread throughout Southern Africa and is also found in Swaziland and Lesotho. The attractive paddle shaped leaves The grey green … Continue reading Mpati Mountain and her ‘Painted ladies’

Mpati mountain and its bountiful Bottle brushes – Greyia Sutherlandia

This small tree is endemic to South Africa - found mainly growing on the rocky cliffs of the Drakensberg. Our Mpati mountain however is also home to this lovely small deciduous tree. This tree (or large shrub) although having ‘bottle brush’ like flowers, is not to be confused with the Australian common bottlebrush ‘Calistemon’ which … Continue reading Mpati mountain and its bountiful Bottle brushes – Greyia Sutherlandia