Sauntering in Lesotho

The great Henry David Thoreau was a man of extraordinary wisdom. He claimed that for the preservation of one's health one should "saunter through the woods and over the hills and fields". Sauntering should be approached with a mind set of 'presence' rather than 'productivity'. The origin of the word "saunter" goes back to the … Continue reading Sauntering in Lesotho

Mpati mountain and the gladsome Gladioli

Mpati mountain or "place of good waters" as it is also referred to, certainly has lived up to it's name this Summer. The long awaited rains bringing much needed relief for all. Our beautiful mountain and surrounding grasslands have produced an abundance of floral treasures this season. Over the last few years I have had … Continue reading Mpati mountain and the gladsome Gladioli


From as far back as I can remember, I have been drawn to patterns. The reassurance in the repetition of a design. A sequence that keeps repeating itself is somehow comforting - unbroken, 'safe'. The familiar track laid down like a visual mantra, creating a sense of calm through the frenetic and ever changing busyness … Continue reading Patterns