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  • Synchronicity and cake domes
    Synchronicity – “The occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause “ I have a much treasured and beautifully crafted solid glass cake dome or ‘kloche’ as its correctly called. Much treasured by me for its pleasing aesthetics, but also (my family would argue only) because come the weekend, birthdays, special occasions or … Continue reading Synchronicity and cake domes
  • Of months and birds
    Nine months ago I started a painting project – admittedly a rather ambitious one. Nine months ago I also started a new life. I knew that this change would come with the normal stress and upheaval that can naturally only be expected from such a decision. I gave up hospitality for good, leaving the guest … Continue reading Of months and birds
  • A happy find
    On one of my weekend mountain explores recently I stumbled upon a bulb lying in the Winter grass. I picked it up for closer inspection. The soil seemed to be mostly cleaned off and the bulb itself was intact. A few dried leaves and scaly sheaths were still clinging to it. A puzzle. I do … Continue reading A happy find