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  • Of months and birds
    Nine months ago I started a painting project – admittedly a rather ambitious one. Nine months ago I also started a new life. I knew that this change would come with the normal stress and upheaval that can naturally only be expected from such a decision. I gave up hospitality for good, leaving the guest … Continue reading Of months and birds
  • A happy find
    On one of my weekend mountain explores recently I stumbled upon a bulb lying in the Winter grass. I picked it up for closer inspection. The soil seemed to be mostly cleaned off and the bulb itself was intact. A few dried leaves and scaly sheaths were still clinging to it. A puzzle. I do … Continue reading A happy find
  • Cotyledon Orbiculata
    Cotyledon orbiculata is a wide spread South African succulent that is grown all over the world. This is an attractive and easy to grow plant worthy of a spot in every garden. Naturally they can be found growing amongst rocky outcrops in the grasslands, Karoo and also fynbos biomes. The leaves are variable and range … Continue reading Cotyledon Orbiculata